Normal Life Award

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Normal day to day life can be really hard. And we don't get a lot of recognition for the small things we do. Like not hit the snooze, remember to floss, not pretend that we didn't notice the garbage needs to be taken out.

Parenthood has its own challenges. But unlike most other full time jobs, there is no chance for a pay raise or promotion. You don't accumulate vacation or sick time. No one congratulates you for the times you count to ten instead of just start yelling.

I think that should stop. Right here. So, I'm going to be handing out awards for the daily things we should get recognized for.

Starting with me.

I've been married for almost 8 years. I have two very rambunctious little boys. And still, we have nearly my complete set of dishes that we got for our wedding. Just simple white dishes; yet I love them. And over the years, only ONE bowl has been broken. By my husband. Before we had kids.

I think that deserves an award. A gold star.

Yes, I know that this is "tooting my own horn." But there are times if we don't, who will?

If you feel you have done something that deserves a normal life award, leave a comment, and I'll give you one.


Karen said...

Katherine, you are so right! Sometimes we have to pat our own back since no one else is going to do it for us. Glad you got yourself an award!

Sabrina said...

Wow...8 years with only one broken dish. Way to go.
Read this post and tell me if I'm normal enough for your award. :)

Anonymous said...

we could all do with tooting our own horn every so often! good for you! =)

Katherine said...

Sabrina: Any house that happy deserves an award!