The Time Traveler's Wife

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been wanting to read this book forever. Ever since I saw some lady in clinic years ago reading it and she was absolutely gushing about how fabulous it was.

And like most books, I read it just in time to find out they are making a movie of it.

(And not to sound, um, prudish, but because I know some of my readers, I feel that a word of warning is in place before you rush out and read the book as well. If they are truly making a movie, it would have to be rated R. For language. And for explicit, um, details. So there, don't say I didn't warn you. But now that my duty is done, let's move on...)

The premise of the book is amazing. It is technically a science fiction novel, what with the time traveling and all. But it reads like an amazingly poignant love story.

"Henry met Clare for the first time when she is 22 and he is 30. Clare met Henry when she was six and he was 40."

If that doesn't spark your curiosity, I'm not sure how to get to you.

Henry is one of the first people born with Chrono-Displacement Syndrome, a genetic disease that periodically, unpredictably, resets his genetic clock, making him travel through time.

The story is intriguing, touching, painful, and beautiful. It touches on human behaviour. If someone already knows the outcome of their actions, the result of their life, are they still free to make decisions? What is cause and effect in our life? And how sure are we?

The book wasn't as poetic and lyrical as I felt it could be. There are some parts where the author approaches brilliance in portraying daily life. But other times, I felt the writing was bogged down with details of books, music, and such that did not add to the story.

But the flaws of writing do not distract from the bittersweet story of love, dedication, and fate.


Karen said...

That sounds really intriguing! I'll have to add it to my (very long) list!

Thanks for the review!