A Little Support

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yesterday, I went and did something I should have done a very, very long time ago (a little after August of 2006 actually).

I went and got a bra fitting.

Yes, I have been wearing the same bra size that I was sized for when I got married. Nearly 8 years ago. Yes, I have had two children since them. And breastfed both of them.

Things have changes just a little bit.

(Embarrassing to admit. Very. But this place is all about confessions.)

However, things aren't all bad. Yes, my rib cage is bigger. Those of you with kids can relate. You may (or may not) lose the weight, but you just can't put the ribs and hips back together again. But I gained inches in other areas. I went from a B to a C. Honestly, who can complain about that?

(Well, I had been complaining before, because I had been a C wearing a B. And that led to very, very bad things. Think: muffins.)

But now, I am completely in love with my new Body by Victoria Secret bra.

It's amazing how much better I feel.

And look.

Seriously, girls, if you haven't had a professional bra fitting, get one!

The girl who did the bra fitting was very nice. I was having trouble fitting the bra properly, and was having some "spill over" in the wrong areas. When I asked her about it, I asked, "Is this problem here just because I'm fat?" She didn't even smile. She said "No, it's because this strap is too thin. Let's get you a different one."

And she was right. Now there is nothing funny under my shirt.

Which is always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

SO true Katherine, most women don't know that the things they choose to wear under their clothes can make a HUGE difference. I made Helen get a bra fitting, and yeah her clothes look ten times better, and she looks skinnier.
P.S. I'm proud that you would choose to do that, most women are too embarrassed or shy.