A Little Bit of Green

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today I was walking outside with my boys. The temperature was still cold, but the sun was out, and we couldn't resist the bright sunshine.

All bundled up, crunching through some remaining snow piles, I saw the slightest mist of green on a tree at the end of our street.

It gave me hope that spring really is coming. That the cold with eventually dissolve into the blissful perfect days of spring and summer. That the drabness of winter will succumb to a brilliance of green.

A glimpse of last year's spring

And that I will get out of the mental slump that I inevitably fall into each winter.


Karen said...

I remember back when I used to live somewhere that had winter, two of my favorite things were the first time the snow would melt enough that I could see grass poking through, and the first morning that I would wake up to the sounds of birds outside.

It *almost* makes me miss "winter." Almost.