Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still on my Austen kick, I gave her a chance to redeem herself after my disappointment in Emma.

I remember seeing the movie Persuasion a long time ago, before I had any established opinions about Jane Austen or her works.

Fortunately, it was such a long time ago that it didn't impact the effect of reading the book.

Persuasion is classic Jane Austen. Anne Elliott is exactly what Austen heroine should be: intelligent, modest, patient with those she loves, and willing to endure hardship for what she knows is right.

The book was decidedly sadder that her better known novels. The suffering that Anne endures because of her friends and family's influence over her is painful.

But equally rewarding is her ultimate happiness that comes at the end of the book, when she is rewarded for her consistency and endurance.

I wish that all things might end so happily.

They might, if I too had the patience to wait eight years for things to work themselves out.