Thursday, January 29, 2009

I feel that I have been a complete slacker, since it is over one week since the Lost premier and I haven't mentioned it!

(To be fair, I didn't watch the Lost premier last Wednesday, because I was out of town. I watched it Saturday with my husband, who, sweet guy, waited to watch it with me.)

I have three points that I would like to make.

One, I wish that I could tell you to start watching Lost. But I can't. You can't just start now, with this season and think that you will like it at all. You will have to do what I did. Rent all the previous seasons, and watch 4 episodes every single night for over a month. No, seriously, that's what I did. I hadn't watched any of Lost before March of last year. But a good friend kept telling me that it was exactly the type of show the my husband and I would like. So I broke down and rented the first season. And then pretty much didn't sleep for the next month.

Lost is strange like that. For those who have seen it since the beginning, it is the most amazing, complicated, exciting, mind-twisting show there is. But for those who missed a couple episodes, or a season, or who pick up with season 3 or now, it is just too confusing and weird.

Second point: This blog will NOT turn into a Lost recount and theory page. There are plenty of Lost theory pages I could contribute to and have discussions on. This will not be one of them. And as for recounting television shows on a blog. If you watch the show, you don't need a summary. And if you don't watch the show, you don't need a summary. (Seriously, would Jack, Locke, and Desmond mean anything to people who don't watch the show?) I stopped following a blog, because for over two weeks, the only thing the author wrote were summaries about MTV's The City. Don't watch it, don't care to. So stop giving me daily reports. Write about how you like it, or a funny story. But not the screen play. Please.

Last and final point. I really need DVR. I mean really. Which is kind of funny, since there are times I want to throw our television away (okay, not really, since it is so pretty, and I really like movies.) So here's the scenario. Lost is on at 8 pm. Bedtime at our house is at 8:30 pm. (Or sometimes 9, or 9:30, or um. No it's at 8:30). And because we still like to think of ourselves as good parents, bedtime takes priority over any TV show, Lost or otherwise. So we record it. Which means my husband has to set the VCR and we then watch it after the boys are in bed. On the VCR. Which means no HD. Occasionally grainy picture. Problems with the color and sound. And the always anxiety that my husband set the VCR wrong. If we had DVR, we could just watch whenever, without the silly VCR programming. And it could still be in all it's HD glory. And as our schedules are only getting busier, and we are home less, the case for the DVR is growing. I think I'm going to win this one.

Or maybe, the cable company with thwart my efforts and just put it on demand.