An Entry Way

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The entry way to a home sets the stage for what else is to come. It is just a taste, an introduction to the rest of the story.

I'm not exactly sure what ours is saying, but I like listening.

I don't have any good "before" pictures, because who thinks to take pictures of their unpainted front door before hand?

I have always wanted a red front door. And it's not (just) the Feng Shui tradition of a red door bringing luck. A red door says home, welcome, and happiness lives behind there. I'm sure other door colors could say the same thing, but a red door just seems to say them a little bit louder.

I found the mirror at an antique store years ago, and it appeals to my Jane Austen shabby chic side. It was dark brown when I bought it, and I repainted it white and then antiqued it with a raw umber glaze.

The shelf came from IKEA (custom fit courtesy of Hubster) and appeals to my clean, simple side.

The pears...well pears make me happy. They are such a pretty, artistic fruit.

(All the pears are turned with bite marks towards the wall. Because sometimes, three year old little boys just can't help themselves.)

I still imagine a large turqouise vase with tall curly willow branches in it on the shelf. And maybe a apple green and blue glass bowl for keys and spare change.

(I found this one on Etsy, here
The turquoise vase was also on Etsy,
but it is sadly sold out)

But since currently everything in the entry way is unbreakable, we may just leave things how they are. For now.


Karen said...

It looks so great! I've always wanted a red front door too.

And I think the pears make such a nice touch. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Stephanie Faris said...

You have great taste! My front door is's a dark red, though. Is that still good luck?