Before the Holidays

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Every year, Christmas items show up in stores earlier and earlier. Some stores are barely letting Halloween hold the spotlight. And Thanksgiving? It's really just an excuse to have crazy sales.

I'm not really complaining. Although I do think that having Christmas displays in October and Christmas carols playing November first is a little ridiculous, I love Christmas. That right. Love, love, LOVE.

But I always try to pace myself. I don't play the carols or put of decorations at home until it is good and truly December. And I try to not buy anything until after Thanksgiving. You know, just making sure every holiday gets its due time.

And this year, I did pretty good. I only bought two rolls of beautiful wrapping paper and two (okay, fine, three) presents (which were way too cheap to not buy at the time). (And if I see the perfect wrapping paper, I have to buy it, regardless of what season it is, because it is slim pickins' later in the year. And the quest for the perfect wrapping paper never ends.)

But in two days, I will not have to make excuses anymore.

Let the holidays begin!!

And Happy Thanksgiving.