How Embarrassing

Sunday, September 28, 2008

If there is anything more embarrassing than admitting my love for reality TV, it would be having two posts in a row that focus on it.

But, since we are only hours away from the premier of Amazing Race, I really have no choice. So, for today, there are no deep thought, no improvement of the human race, just my guilty pleasure.

There are episodes of Amazing Race when I have harbored feelings of infidelity to Survivor. Since Survivor was my first love, nothing should knock it out of first place. But Amazing Race always attempts to. It is the only show where I have mentally dappled with the idea of applying. I know it will never happen.

But I am often envious of the places the contestants get to travel, and the things they get to do there. And Keith would be awesome at the challenges. (I, on the other hand, would only be a team liability, since I have the upper body strength of a guinea pig, despite hauling two screaming children out of Wal-Mart.)

The advantages Amazing Race has over Survivor: it is purely your skills that can take you to the end, not the scheming of others. The variety of locations within a single season. And the chance I get to pamper my wanderlust vicariously.